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Based on cloud technology, petroleum exploration and development, technology R &...

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Reservoir Rapid Description&Analysis


Product Introduction

The system is developed for the stratified water flooding sandstone reservoir in the middle and late stages of development,the geological model is quickly established by using static data,such as well location, small layer data and structural map;Based on the data of perforation, monthly report and water injection profile, we simulate the flow of oil and water adaptively according to the principle of percolation mechanics,automatic parameter correction and historical fitting are achieved by comparing the calculation results with the measured data;In view of the distribution of residual oil, the adjustment suggestions are put forward and the effect after optimization is predicted.


Product Function

Data Loading

EXCEL direct paste; Extract data directly from the upstream database to achieve seamless docking with the development database; Loading third party modeling and mathematical model software results to achieve seamless connection with conventional software.

Geological Static Description

Geological statistics and reserves calculation can be carried out by using the quantitative description of reservoir static characteristics of the geological model data body.

Historical Dynamic Calculation

Through the calculation of the seepage mechanism and three-dimensional dynamic flow, the fitting precision is analyzed.

Quantitative Analysis of Residual Oil

The quantitative analysis of residual oil is carried out through comprehensive analysis of the production status, the status of accumulated production, the situation of moving and water flooding.

Adjustment and Suggestion Module

The current injection production well net, residual oil distribution and reservoir characteristics are analyzed, the adjustment measures for oil and water wells are put forward respectively.

Effect Prediction of Measures

The development effect of well network adjustment in old oilfield is predicted according to seepage theory; Based on the simulation of production history, the influence of chemical injection on reservoir development and production is simulated according to residual oil and preferential water flow channel, and the development effect is predicted.

Product Advantage

Comprehensive Analysis

The software combines the classic percolation theory, the on-spot work experience of oilfield and the modern computer technology as a whole. On the premise of guaranteeing the results with greater credibility, a great deal of manual labor is reduced.

Scientific Decision Making

The software includes geological modeling, flow simulation, reservoir engineering analysis, measures adjustment and other aspects, simple and practical, providing scientific basis for the adjustment and optimization of oil and water wells .

Grid Simulation Technology

The software adopts unique grid simulation technology, start pressure differential, reservoir change in the later stage of water drive, the interlayer interference in water absorption and the permeability directivity are expressed reasonably. Especially the use of measured data, such as water absorption and liquid production profile, makes the distribution of residual oil under separate injection and production condition more accurate.

Intelligent Adjustment

The speed of software calculation is fast, it can achieve self-adaptive parameter adjustment and automatic history fitting, obviously speeding up the work schedule, and it is especially suitable for old oilfield with many wells, many layers and long history.
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